would you mind telling us what happened? :)



For starters, I live in Fort Worth which is less than an hour or so from Dallas. ANYWHO. My friend Jamie picked me up and we got to the venue around 2:30. IT WAS HOT AS BALLS.

We brought water bottles but those were gone before we ever saw the gate. I went to buy Jamie and I water but came back with gatorade. IT WAS STILL HOT. By this time it was about 5:30 and they still hadn’t let us in. We heard bits and pieces of sound check and it was phenomenal (or should I say… phenomeniall?)

Anywho, just after six o’clock they let us in. Now, we had reserved seats so we didn’t have to run to claim a spot on the lawn like most people, so we went to go get water because we were thirsty as fuck. $4.50 for a cup of water. ugh.


We sat through the opening act whose name I can’t remember but she was dressed craycray. Then it was Olly Murs and he did this thing where he was like “ITS GETTING HOT IN HERE” and the crowd replied “SO TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES!” then he said “I AM GETTING SO HOT” then we said “I’M GONNA TAKE MY CLOTHES OFF” if you didn’t catch on to that then I feel sorry for your life.

ANYWAYS. Olly left the stage and they were preparing the stage for 1D. Girls screamed because they saw Paul. The video/countdown began and all hell broke loose.

I literally screamed along to every song. Jumping, arm-waving, tears, everything! It was brilliant (or should I say… brilliam?) my hands still hurt from clapping them so hard. My ears still feel a little fuzzy.

And I am beyond heartbroken that the night is over.


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